Instagram Engagement report 2019


What Your Company Needs to Learn from 2019 Instagram Engagement report

Instagram at a Glance

Instagram is a force to be reckoned with. Since it debuted back in 2010, the platform has steadily grown into one of the biggest social networks ever. It reached 1 billion active monthly users in 2018, becoming more popular than social media giants such as Twitter and LinkedIn (TechCrunch).
Instagram’s impressive growth rate has now surpassed those of its once biggest rival - Snapchat - and its parent company, Facebook.

The platform owes its speedy expansion to its visual appeal, consistent emphasis on user experience, and continuously getting new features right. Getting acquired by Facebook helped increase its user size exponentially.

The social network also beefed up its e-commerce and conversion abilities, making it easier for companies to show ROI on their efforts. Businesses now simply can’t afford to not be on Instagram.
Whether you’re a fashion brand or a tech company, the platform can help you grow awareness, target the right audience, and convert visual content into sales.

As more and more companies are trying to grow their presence on Instagram, it’s becoming noisy and competitive. In order to stand out, marketers and Instagram users need to know what works and what doesn’t. To do this, they need data to help them make better decisions about their strategy.

Instagram Engagement Rate

If you spent a lot of effort attracting millions of Instagram followers, only to have a few of them interact with your content - you may not be attracting the right audience.

There are two reasons why engagement is one of the most important and telling metrics for Instagram. It allows you to know if you’re reaching the right audience with your brand, and if your content is relevant to them.

Likes on Instagram

looking at the median number of likes, it’s closer to 100, which suggests 50% of users receive less than 100 likes for the average post.report on likes on instagram










Comments on Instagram

If we look at the median number for comments per video, it’s 4, which means that more than 50% of total users receive less than 4 comments per video post.

average number of comments on instagram posts












If increasing your Instagram engagement rate is what you’re after, you’ll definitely want to focus on posting more video content. This means creating more permanent videos, Instagram Stories, and leveraging the Highlights section of your profile. However, don’t just post videos for the sake of posting them.

Here are some more facts for you:

Facts from instagram report - part 1

Facts from instagram report - part 2














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