Marketing Automation for Modern Business

Awad Nadeem
Awad Nadeem
Digital Marketing Consultant

Among every Business’s top priorities are driving sales and increase overall profits. Savvy dealers, retailers or business owners are well aware that good business practices largely built upon personal relationships with customers not only serves to drive performance, increase profitability but helps to expand prowess in a competitive market.

Unfortunately, nowadays, with the widely open marketing channels and the increase in customer or visitors base, comes the risk of losing that personal contact with the customer and therefore the possibility of losing clients.

However, In today’s modern times, it has become incredibly easier to maintain contact with your customer base through a concept referred to as Marketing Automation — the use of software to create automated marketing processes, including, but not limited to campaign management, customer data integration, and client segmentation.

The importance of Marketing Automation cannot be highlighted enough; it is an imperative use of software that has rapidly become an integral element in how dealers maintain and manage relationships with their client base, ensuring customer acquisition, retention, and ongoing patronage.

So how can we utilize marketing automation to help your business stay more connected with your customers or visitors?

Here are some ways that will be interesting for you:

  1. Customer / Visitors Segmentation: create specific marketing segments for your database, to help you define different journeys
  2. Automation workflows: Create marketing automation workflows and journeys for your segments
  3. Lead Generation: Create new leads by offering engaging content
  4. Lead Nurturing: Nurture your leads with marketing automation workflows according to their interests or your customer data. Qualify leads before forwarding them to your sales department.
  5. Customer Loyalty Program: Turn your one time customers into loyal ones with customer loyalty programs for your different customer segments
  6. Onboarding Automation: Activate your customers by providing them personalized on-time information about their products or memberships.
  7. Shopping Cart Reminders: Create shopping cart reminders for your online shop and start cross-sell automation workflows according to your customers' purchases.
  8. Automated Email Marketing: Automate your email marketing and create personal workflows based on your recipients' behaviour.
  9. SMS / Whatsapp Messaging: Extend your communication channels by using SMS messages in your automation chains.
  10. Multichannel Marketing: integrate your social channels, google advertising, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns to pour results into one singular pool.

If you would like to know more on how you can utilize Marketing automation to help you boost your business, please get in touch with us via our website, or just contact me directly.